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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the difference between INOKIM and other batteries?

    Inokim scooters have rechargeable lithium batteries like those in TESLAs.

    These high-end batteries are beneficial because they are: rechargeable, light weight, compact, and have a longer range than other batteries.

  • How long does it take to charge?

    It takes 5-6 hours to fully charge an empty battery.

  • How do you know when they are fully charged?

    Your scooters trip Commuter has a battery life indicator display.. It will show 1-5 bars (5 bars being fully charged)

  • How fast can INOKIKIM go

    Inokim scooters can reach 25 km/hr, depending on the model, user's weight, wind resistance and incline.

  • How long does a fully charged battery last?

    In optimal conditions, a fully charged Inokim scooter can travel 25 km.

  • How much does a scooter weigh?

    All three available models (Mini, Light and Quick) weigh under 15 kg.

  • Is INOKIM waterproof?

    Our scooters are water resistant and will not be damaged by rain, however pools of water should be avoided.

  • Do you provide repairs and maintenance?

    Yes. Simply give us call or drop us an email, alternatively fill out the form on the service page with your details and we will arrange to book you in at a time convenient to you.

  • Will you deliver personally if I am local?

    Yes, if you are within a scoot able distance!

  • Can I come and collect from your Brighton workshop?

    Absolutely, will be lovely to meet you in person!

  • Do you send by courier?

    Yes, you will be advised of your courier once dispatched, including a tracking number.

  • What are the Shipping Charges?

    Mainland Great Britain = FREE (Outside of Great Britain Price On Application).

  • Do you ship outside of the UK?

    Yes (Price On Application).

  • How do I order?

    Online, over the phone, or in person at our Brighton Workshop.

  • What cards can I use to pay?

    Mastercard, Visa, Maestro or JCB.

  • How do I pay?

    Online, Over the phone, or in person at our Brighton Workshop.

  • What is the Warranty?

    Inokim scooters have a 6 month warranty. You can download the full warranty details here.

  • Do you need to wear a helmet when riding a scooter?

    Here at The Scooter Commuter we believe in a "safe scoot".. For your own protection, we recommend that you wear a helmet.

  • What about legally riding them in public?

    Electric scooters are classed by the Department for Transport as a Personal Light Electric Vehicle (PLEV). Currently, PLEVs such as electric scooters are illegal to ride on UK roads. This is because of the 1988 Road Traffic Act. ... Currently, e-scooters are only legal on private land, such as your garden or driveway.

  • Do you need insurance and a drivers licence for an E Scooter?

    No, you don't currently need insurance or a drivers licence because its not legal to ride E scooters on public roads.

  • Will I love my E Scooter?


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